Website Development

My approach to website development is custom to each client, whether you are looking for a large-scale, small-scale or microsite website.

All websites must be built with a solid strategy—considering your brand, marketing goals and target audience needs. The strategic approach incorporates user experience, navigation, brand application, functional features, content and search engine optimization.

The key to a good design is ensuring that it reflects your brand and is flexible enough to allow the functions and features you need, yet providing a user-friendly environment that is aesthetically pleasing to attract and engage users.

Over the years I have worked with my internal teams, external partnering web programming companies or individuals, or my clients’ internal web development teams; I am comfortable working in any of these scenarios. I can also develop sites on the WordPress platform with or without involving a creative team to develop the design, as there are many prebuilt designs available for the WordPress platform.

website-developmentWithin the WordPress platform, I am able to provide basic HTML code allowing me to develop some functional features, alter prebuilt designs and develop content. With these sites, I rely on already developed applications and designs (of which there are countless options for any typical function), or work with my experienced colleagues for major custom functional elements, site designs or applications.

Determining the functions for your site that best highlight your products or services, as well as targets your audience, is a part of the process that I enjoy most. I also work hard to improve the usability of your site, implementing responsive designs as much as possible to allow easy navigation and preferred environments for mobile and tablet viewing. I also strive to make functions on my clients’ sites as simple as possible and work to integrate data capture functions directly to your software programs used for other marketing (such as connecting newsletter sign-ups to email software programs or accounts).

I don’t see much point in developing a website without incorporating a content management system for easier content updating by business owners or marketing teams; therefore, most solutions include this capability unless determined unnecessary by my clients.

Whether you are a big or small company, I am confident that we can develop the website presence that you need to help reach your goals.

Example Clients Represented for Website Development:

Please take a look at Corporate Solutions and Small Business Solutions to find some examples of my work experience in website development.

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