About Me

As a freelancer, I find that I have a lot of versatility to offer my clients and am able to develop and deploy successful online strategies—building online presence for my client’s businesses that drive results. This career path has allowed me to continue ChristinaMeserveJacksonthe work I enjoy, while also raising a family.

Fortunately, I continue working with clients and colleagues that I’ve forged a relationship with over the past 10 years during my advertising career. Yet working with new small business clients has also been rewarding.

I enjoy the challenges that clients present to me and have spent the last 6 years focusing on website development and other online marketing strategies for clients. Although, I have a strong background in developing marketing strategies and managing projects from print, billboard, radio and television ads to brochures and annual reports to email marketing and tradeshow/event marketing to website development and search engine marketing.

I also trained as a media buyer early in my marketing career, working with many clients to develop media strategies, implementing and managing media plans.

Currently, I offer my clients marketing strategies (primarily focusing on online tactics, but also provide marketing strategies with integrated offline tactics), project management and maintenance where needed (such as website maintenance and search engine marketing maintenance).

I also work with advertising agencies to develop client strategies and project manage website development or other online tactics—I can be client facing or behind-the-scenes.

For medium to large businesses

I will work with preferred vendors or establish relationships with 3rd party designers, programmers, or other contacts that are needed for project and/or marketing plan implementation. I am comfortable working with traditional advertising agencies or web development companies already established, as well as in-house marketing teams and individual contractors.

For small businesses

I am able to provide websites at low budgets primarily using the WordPress platform and utilizing prebuilt templates (customized with styles and details to best reflect the brand). Alternatively, I can contract custom designs with 3rd party designers to fit a business’ needs. I have established marketing strategies and continue to support clients with their marketing needs—both online and offline.

Agency Experience

Stackpole & Partners

Positions Held:

  • Director of Interactive Services
  • Project Manager


Bresette & Company

Positions Held:

  • Media Director
  • Project Manager


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